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31 December 2010

Thailand Holiday Deals

Do you want to know how to get a cheap Thailand holiday deal that is packed with quality 4 star accommodations? The secret will be revealed below!

The best thing about Thailand is everything is so modern and the people are so friendly. The food and accommodation is so cheap. Remember to stay at least two weeks to enjoy your time there.

The other highlight about Thailand is people speak good English there so it isn't hard to communicate.

I advise that you go to Thailand and ask the local travel agents for cheap hotel deals. Buying them overseas could be more expensive and you wouldn't have the benefit of the local knowledge. You can also score a bargain and get free tours. Top 10 destinations you should visit include:

1. Bangkok - hustle and bustle, great for shopping and bargain hunting

2. Phuket - gorgeous beaches

3. Chang Mai - where there are plenty of historical relics

4. Chang Rai - beautiful temples

5. Phuket - lovely resorts and delicious seafood

6. Hua Hin - beautiful beach near Bangkok

7. Pattaya - shopping and water sports

8. Krabi - natural mountains and beaches

9. Koh Samui - paradise and coconut island

10. Phang Nga - conservation park and unspoilt beaches

If you are planning for a trip to Thailand, always do a quick research on the reputable Thai eateries and plan to make a visit to them.

The top 10 food you should try include:

1. Tom yum Gar soup

2. Pud Thai noodles

3. Juicy red curry with roast duck

4. Hot Green curry with fresh coconut juice

5. Basil seafood

6. Chilli fresh mud crab

7. Spicy beef salad

8. Crispy green papaya salad

9. Cashew nut chicken stir fried

10. Open grill BBQ satays

I am a chef and I love my Thai food! Why? Thai cuisine is so interesting with all its flavours and fresh ingredients, you can hardly fault it. Thai food can also be very healthy for you if you use lean meat and fresh ingredients in your cooking. To be honest, it isn't hard to cook Thai food. The most important thing to remember is to use fresh in season produce and avoid frozen ingredients. Frozen ingredients usually have lost a lot of their flavours. Thai food can be made and served at dinner parties. It is also very easy to adapt to different peoples tastes. So if you have fussy guests it isn't difficult to satisfy them. The food has so many rich flavours it is hard for any food critic to find weakness in properly made Thai cuisine.

Have a safe trip and have a lovely time!

Lam Bong is an Author living in Sydney, Australia. He is interested in reading and creating websites. His latest website is about Best Thai Holiday Packages and finding the Easy Thai Holiday Tips on the web today.

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24 December 2010

Creating a Working Atmosphere

When we start to work from home, work at home moms often begin with a space that may include a couch, or dirty dishes, toys scattered, paperwork from the kids and yourself and who knows what else. All of these things are taking up space that should be reserved for work. I know I want to work my business in a stress-free environment; that starts with a clean and well equipped work area. How is this accomplished?

* It is optimal that you have a desk set aside from the everyday chaos of your life. No need for added distractions as you're trying to juggle your kids and a lucrative business. The kitchen table worked for a while, but the ideal would be to have an area to call your own for your business. Less risk for sticky papers and other things that collect on a kitchen table.
* If your desk is full of clutter, clear it off and only add back what you need. Remember to make it known throughout the house that your desk is off limits to any unauthorized personnel.

What other organizational products might you need for your at home desk? This may include things you'll need or someone else may need for their business. You'll get a good feel for it.

* Computer
* Pens
* Pencils
* Notebook
* A few catalogs if you distribute catalogs in your business.
* Files to hold company news, information, history
* Phone (with mute, 3 way calling, and unlimited long distance)
* headset for phone
* Calendar
* Calculator
* Shelving for file cabinet for paperwork, bills and other important papers.
* Files
* Stapler
* Paperclips
* Tape
* hole punch
* scissors
* staple remover
* mail supplies (stamps, envelopes, labels,shipping labels,boxes,packing tape, bubble wrap)
* printer ink
* business cards
* flyers
* sticky notes
* Bulletin board - Nice for reminders, appointments, inspirational quotes, family photos, or something from training you don't want to forget.
* stick pins for the bulletin board

*Your computer can help you reduce clutter even more:

* Use Excel as your calculator.
* Use Notepad or Word to write notes. This will allow for a smaller notepad and less space taken up by the pad. Use the notebook as a temporary holder for your notes when the computer isn't on or near by. Then transfer the notes to Word or Notebook if you'd still like to keep the notes. This also gives you the chance to organize your notes. Organize by date, topic, or whatever is most convenient for you. What a relief that would be to be able to rely on your notes being in all one place
* Use the calendar on your computer rather than a hard copy. Google has a calendar system where you can share your calendar with business associates so they can check to see if you're busy before they try to schedule a meeting with that person.

**In regards to the shelving, I would get only a couple of trays at a time. You'll have a better perception of how many trays you need once you learn the business you're in. If you end up needing quite a few you might want to upgrade to a filing cabinet. Did I miss anything? What ideas do you to organize my space to work my business?

Angela Steward


18 December 2010

Business Mortgages Interest Rate and Payment Schedules

A part of every business mortgage loan is the rate of interest. There are two main interest rate selections that a borrower must consider. A business mortgage can use a fixed rate, or a variable rate.

The way that a business mortgage works that has a fixed rate interest is that an interest rate is the same for a certain period of time. When this period of time is over with, the borrower has to pay the variable rate. In addition to the interest rate fees, the commercial mortgage lenders will also charge an arrangement fee.

Another charge that you might see with a fixed rate is an early redemption charge. This kind of charge can go over the fixed period of the loan. A lot of people have not agreed upon this extra charge, so most business mortgage lenders are now offering commercial mortgages that have no charges for any extra payments or changes the contracts after the fixed period of time is over with.

You most likely want to borrow a commercial mortgage that has a fixed rate when you think that the interest rate might increase or you want to make sure that what you pay each month pretty much stays the same over a longer period of time.

The other type of commercial mortgage is that which has a variable interest rate. This type of commercial mortgage carries an interest rate changes based on when the Bank of England's base rate changes. A lot of times, the variable interest rate can be lower than the rate on a fixed rate mortgage.

You actually have the possibility to save your money with a variable interest rate mortgage when the overall interest rate of the market goes down. If that same rate does go up, your monthly payment will also go up because your interest rate will increase.
If you compare business mortgages to residential mortgages, you will find that the interest rates run a little bit higher on the commercial mortgages. The terms of the arrangement will also run less than that of the residential mortgages. The rates whether fixed or variable are all based on the Bank of England base rate. You will find that the rates tend to be anywhere from one to 7 per cent higher than this base rate.

Once you have been approved for a business mortgage, you will negotiate the repayment terms. The terms that you will negotiate will be either a monthly repayment schedule or an interest-only payment schedule. The interest-only terms mean that you will also need to have another product that will handle the principle portion of the commercial mortgage.

If you are ready to talk to a business mortgages specialist, make sure that you get the specific details surrounding a fixed rate commercial mortgage versus a variable rate commercial mortgage. You'll also want to make sure that you get the details on any extra fees that might be added to your business mortgage.

Visit Business Mortgages Broker today to get a quotation for your business mortgage.

Visit http://www.businessmortgagesbroker.co.uk today to get a quotation for your finance. In addition, we also offer free business plan templates, which are available to download from our website.

We would be very happy to help with any questions which you may have.
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11 December 2010

Car Loans for Self-Employed Workers

Self Employed people often find it really difficult to get car loans, whether for the purposes of their business or simply for themselves. But by putting in a bit of research and choosing wisely it is possible to find a number of new and innovative brokers, finance companies, banks and financial institutions who are now prepared to offer car loans to self-employed workers. The reason for this is that because the loan market has opened up and there are more companies and banks permitted to lend money, the market for lenders is less cosy and more competitive and they are forced to be more amenable to a wider group of borrowers, This makes things a lot easier for the self-employed workers. So if you need a car for your business and you need a loan, you need to do the research and look for the most suitable loan from the most suitable broker for your needs.

Car loans will be divided into two groups, The first group will be unsecured loans which you can get without having to offer up anything as security for the loan. All you will need for an unsecured loan is proof that you have your own business and that the business earns you a sufficient monthly salary to enable you to repay the loan. Normally statements from your bank account will suffice as proof. The second group of loans are secured loans. These are loans where you do need to provide a fixed asset for security, and normally this will be your home, so it is worth thinking very carefully about whether you want to put your home up for collateral. Other than that the other thing to consider is the rate of interest. Normally the interest rate will be much lower for secured loans so unsecured loans offer the advantage that your house is not at risk but the disadvantage that you'll end up with higher monthly repayments.

Once you have decided which loan to go for all you need do is gather together the correct paperwork and proof of income. Even if you are self - employed all they wish to see is that you have a regular monthly income and that you have had that income for a long and consistent period of time. If you are self- employed but can show consistent income and a good credit history, you will be fine. It is even possible to find such loans on the internet which might be useful for self-employed people who are busy working from home. Not only do you not have to waste time going around town looking for the best brokers but the response time is normally extremely quick too. Do your research and you should be able to find brokers who specialize in loans for the self -employed. Normally they will be companies who sell all kinds of products to the self-employed, from self employed or contractor pensions to contractor tax solutions or umbrella companies to self employed mortgages. Do your research and find companies such as these and you will normally find better rates for self-employed car loans.

Greg Dickson is an expert in contractor and self-employed tax issues. He currently works for the Bedouin Group.

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