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30 December 2009

Manchester City guide, including Manchester Hotels

Manchester is one of the most vibrant and dynamic places in the UK. Here you will find a wonderful variety of things to see, do and experience, whether you are shopping, eating out, enjoying outdoor activities or anything in-between. Manchester has been recently transformed thanks to the investment made for the highly successful hosting of the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Manchester not only gained a brand new stadium, but also plenty of modern architecture, fantastic shopping facilities, some great hotels and a bustling nightlife including a thriving student and gay scene. All this makes Manchester an exciting city to discover.

Places of interest:

Manchester holds galleries, museums, sculpture trails, architecture and glorious countryside to name just a few of the many exciting places to visit. While you are discovering the stories and treasures of all ten districts of Manchester you will enjoy a feast of sightseeing and things to do.
• The Lowry is undoubtedly one of the most visited galleries in Manchester. The Lowry building has a spectacularly modern design is every bit as fascinating as the varied art collection it holds and hence is a real source of local pride. It is named after the artist LS Lowry and there is a very fine collection of his drawings and paintings on display. The Lowry is also hosts two theatres and various shops, bars and restaurants.
• Manchester Art Gallery is a must for art lovers. The gallery has an internationally respected collection of art ranging from the early Dutch and Italian masters, through to the likes of Gainsborough and Constable. There is also a display of decorative art including ancient Roman earthenware to contemporary furniture, providing something for all taste to enjoy.
• Manchester United is one of the most well known football teams in the world. To find out more about this club visit their museum and take part in the guided tour. It is open most days, but there are certain restrictions on match days.
• Museum of Science & Industry is where you will discover all the interesting facts about Manchester's role in the industrial revolution and get the chance to see steam engines and locomotives, to modern day aircraft and star gaze in the planetarium.
• Urbis is set in a dramatic glass building rising high above the centre of Manchester. An interactive exhibition will lead you on a journey exploring life in different cities around the world. With four cascading exhibition floors to explore you need to allow at least ninety minutes for your visit.
Things to do:

In Manchester you will find all the shops you could ever desire and a few more besides. Acting as the Gateway to the North, Manchester also provides a perfect base to explore many of the North's attractions and is within easy reach of Blackpool, the historic city of Chester and only a few hours' drive to the Lake District, and the Yorkshire Dales.
• Heaton Hall and Park is one of Manchester's principal parks and is less than four miles from the city centre. Its rolling scenery provides an attractive setting for a wide range of leisure activities which cater for visitors of all ages. It is also plays host to many outdoor events, like summer fun days, theatrical productions, concerts and other major events.
• East Lancashire Steam Railway is journey back in time. It was opened in 1846 to link the Manchester to Bolton line with Radcliffe and was a popular passenger and freight route until 1972. The East Lancashire Preservation Society, with assistance from Bury and Rossendale Councils, saw the line reopened in 1991. The traditional station buildings and developments along the tracks have contributed to the Society being presented with a number of environmental awards.
• Wigan Pier is situated on the banks of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, and is one of the North West's favourite visitor attractions. At the heart of the centre is an authentic recreation of life in the 1900s. Here you can witness the Victorian way of life such as life below ground at the coalface and how the famous Lancashire pit brow lasses lived. In the ever-popular Victorian schoolroom you can experience the rigours of a strict Victorian education.
• Trafford Centre is a place where visitors marvel at a whole host of shopping opportunities all conveniently located under one roof, with the added bonus of bar and restaurant facilities and a cinema for relaxation during an exhausting shopping trip.
Food & Drink:

Manchester has a global feel and flavours all of its own, and can boast of thirty different nationalities of the finest cuisine. Having restaurants and caf's flying flags from around the world. Manchester offers a mind-boggling range of restaurants, whatever your budget. Ultra-chic or reassuringly traditional, Manchester's restaurants, caf's, pubs and bars offer rest and relaxation for all.
• 39 Steps is tucked away on South King Street and has quietly been busy making a very successful name for itself over the past 21 years. It specialises in providing an every evolving menu to make the most of the finest seasonal produce.
• Le Petit Blanc Brasserie is one of a number of Raymond Blanc's popular restaurants and like its sister establishments has a good reputation for serving up quality food in suitably elegant surroundings. The well-priced set menu will not break the bank.
• The River Room Marco Pierre White is situated with the very chic and sophisticated Lowry Hotel. Like the hotel the restaurant is highly elegant, as is the food which is widely considered to be some of the very best, if not the best in Manchester, with the added bonus of great views out across the river. This restaurant is both the ideal setting for an important business lunch, or a romantic dinner for two.
• Bulls Head is conveniently located right by the Manchester Piccadilly railway station and describes itself as 'Your local in the heart of the city.' It's a fine example of a good old-fashioned city pub offering an excellent selection of real ales and basic pub food including sandwiches, jacket potatoes and burgers.
• Lass O'Gowrie is a particular favourite with real ale fan thanks to a range of ever-changing cask beers on offer as well as boasting its own brewery. It is also a hit with the local student population, who come here to dine on the simple and reasonably priced food such as chilli and lasagne.
• Waxy O'Connors is a popular Irish pub and is a labyrinth of different rooms set across four levels. This is not the place for a quiet drink. It is a lively pub with live bands twice a week; as well as showing live sporting events on its big screen. There is a wide choice of both wine and beer and the food comes in the form of dishes as varied as traditional Irish stew, fish and chips and seafood chowder.
Manchester Hotels & Accommodation:

What ever you are looking for, from a quiet guest house, or a large conference centre, there is accommodation to suit all tastes and pockets in Manchester.
• Britannia Sachas Hotel
• The Britannia Country House Hotel
• Fairways Lodge & Leisure Club, Formerly The Villag
• Express by Holiday Inn Manchester East
• Best Western Willowbank Hotel Manchester
• Jarvis Piccadilly Hotel
• The Grafton Hotel
• Eleven Didsbury Park
• Monton House Hotel
• Novotel Hotel
• Didsbury House
• Chesters Hotel & Restaurant
• Copperheads Hotel
• Mitre Hotel
• Thistle Manchester
• Novotel Manchester Centre
• Radisson Edwardian Manchester
• Arora International Manchester
• Premier Apartments Manchester (Opening April 6)

Manchester is the life and soul of the region with more theatres than any other UK city outside London, a wide range of live music venues, two internationally renowned orchestras and a music and club scene of world-wide fame. You'll never be stuck for something to entertain you in Manchester.
• Manchester Evening News Arena is one of the best venues in the South East. The programme boasts an excellent line up of comedy, music, dance & theatre.
• Lowry Red Cinema entertains you with high quality contemporary dance, drama, visual arts, films, comedy, music et al.
• G-Mex is a great venue for music, comedy, cabaret and theatre.
With so much variety available whatever your requirements for a short break you cannot go wrong with using the exciting city of Manchester as a base. With history, culture, sport and scenery all available within easy reach and a choice of restaurants and bars where to end a day, why not give Manchester a visit.


23 December 2009

Chevy Engines

I hope that the following article will help you to better understand this topic.
There are many people who love drive in cars which are reasoned as being reliable. Of the many brands which you will see on the roads is that of Chevy. This well known brand of automobiles has proved its reliableness time and time again. While the integral car is of importance theChevy engines which you will find under the hoods of the cars are the more significant aspect to look at.

These assorted Chevy engines that you will see are configured to bring power and mastery of the car to the driver. And since people have variable concerns for the surround you will find that theChevy engines can be found in Three types. The more environmentally safe engine version is that of an electric Hybrid engine.
You also will find that Chevy engines work with a diesel engine and that of a gasoline engine. While these are the main types of engines that you can find under the hood of a Chevy these dissimilar engines function in variable ways.
The exterior of the auto will not help you to discover which kind of Chevy engines can be found for the unlike models of cars that you will see. In order to get some info about these engines you should read books and documents aboutChevy engines.
When you look at the unlike Chevy engines you will find engines which are configured to provide you with a good deal of raw power. These powerful engines can be ones like the Chevy 350. This is one of theChevy engines which will provide your car with dozens of H.P. when you truly need it.
While this is just a small example of the types of Chevy engines that you can put in in your car there is a host of dissimilar models. These models can be from car designs as far back as 1963. You will also find V6 and V8 engines as well as the L3 and L4 versions.
For all of these unlike Chevy engines you should expect to find prices which are slightly expensive. If you are in need of a good engine for your Chevy then looking for an engine at these prices is not going to be a problem.
On the other hand you can look at the diverse remodeled Chevy engines to find one that is best for your car and your pocket. When you select the right engine you will have the ability of turning your everyday Chevy into a high performance vehicle... for more information on this topic, please check our web site by following our link below...
Thank you for taking the time to read my article it is greatly appreciated. Try searching through my other articles.
Michael Malega presents several chevy engines articles for your information. You can visit Michael's web site at: Chevy Engines


16 December 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly about luxury cars

The Good

Let's start with the obvious: you're movin on up and letting the world know it, whether or not it's true. That means more respect, better valet treatment, more dates. Luckily, in most cases there's some truth to back up the image. According to reliable car reviews, despite the increasing availability of features on lower-end cars these days, luxury cars still live up to their name by offering materials that look and feel better (i.e. real wood in the dash, real aluminum instead of painted plastic), soft leather (instead of hard leather, or leather mixed with vinyl), better sound insulation ' all standard. Luxury cars are also held to a higher standard of performance with more cylinders, better brakes and suspensions, and best of all, often trade up from plain front-wheel-drive layouts to rear-wheel-drive, making driving more interesting. Who wouldn't want their commute to be cozier and more fun at the same time? As a bonus, the owning experience will likely be richer all the way through, thanks to more courteous sales/service and a longer warranty.

The Bad

That stuff costs money. Stepping up from a compact-sized new car (say, a Mazda 3) to a like-sized luxury car (say, a BMW 3-series) takes a cool dozen grand. Worse, the increase grows exponential as you ascend in the range: from a Honda Accord to an Acura RL takes $25,000, and from a Toyota Avalon to a BMW 750i takes an extra $40,000. In other words, the cost of one big Bimmer is enough for two Avalons and change. And don't forget maintenance costs; ever seen the price of BMW parts?

The Ugly

It used to just be a matter of swallowing the price and writing the check, but many luxury makes have felt the need to prove the worth of their cars by confusing the hell out of the drivers. First it was Mercedes' COMAND. Then it was BMW's iDrive ' by far the worst of the bunch ' and finally Audi's MultiMedia Interface. To a lesser degree, heavy-handed electronics and interfaces have crept into Japanese, American, and British luxury cars as well. What good is that 14-speaker stereo if you have to stop and look up in the manual how to change the station? Some of these electronics have also proven to be quite troublesome, causing the average reliability rankings of their parent companies to nosedive. Nothing luxurious about that.

But if you have the patience and tolerance, the world's best cars are waiting for you. At a price.

Ian Velvet publishes MotorTrend.com's car reviews articles. His expertise in new and used cars is evident is all his articles. Newly publishing Ezine's online to illustrate and educate auto consumers.


09 December 2009

Wondering How to Get a Cheaper Car Insurance Policy?

Protection and preparedness is one key to battle uncertainty. This is one good reason why car insurance is required for all of us to avail. But one question that may come up into your mind is that where and how to get a cheap car insurance policy?

This is one of the basic concerns of most people. We cannot deny the fact that car insurance is somehow expensive depending on the circumstances. But there are some ways on how to have a cheap car insurance that can provide full protection that every one of us needs.

These are some basic tips on how to get cheap car insurance:

Credit standing and history should be clean ' Make it to the point to have and to maintain a clean credit history. As much as possible, make this one your basic priority. A good credit standing and a clean credit history means that you are a reliable person in payment and financial matters and because of this, most insurance companies will be willing to provide significant amount of discount that most of us wants. On the other hand, if you have a bad credit history, you will forfeit your privilege to avail of the discount and would eventually pay a much higher premium.

Occupation with lower risk involved ' The nature of work you are engaged in is also one of the determining factors in computing your car insurance premium. Insurance companies have formulated their statistics based on their research on the jobs that often get into car accidents. And with years of study, they have seen the trend. If your job fall on the category of risky jobs, then the tendency is you would get higher car insurance quote, but one good side of it is that there are also jobs that are entitled for discounts. This may not be applicable for every one. But the best thing that you can do is to shop around and ask some insurance companies about this matter.

Drive a not so expensive or a low profile car ' The car that you drive also affects the quoted premium. You can see those people who drive high class cars or so called luxury cars. They would be paying a higher car insurance premium because of it. The main reason for this is that, these kinds of cars are very susceptible to theft and certain major damages. It is advised that you only use those not so expensive cars for you to have cheaper car insurance policy.

Equip your car with safety features and make it as safe as possible ' Along with driving a low profile car, it is also advisable that you put safety features in your car such as anti-lock brakes, seatbelt, airbags, etc. Most car insurance companies would offer lower payments to the owners of the cars with such features present. Online quotes comparison ' One of the best ways to have cheap car insurance is to look for it online. There are many websites available that can offer free car insurance quotes online. You should provide valid and honest answers for the questions for you to have a valid estimation of your quote. This may not comprise the actual premium cost but at least you will have a rough estimate of your car insurance premium. This is also one way to determine which insurance company provides the best premium quote with best coverage offered.

Online quotes comparison ' One of the best ways to have cheap car insurance is to look for it online. There are many websites available that can offer free car insurance quotes online. You should provide valid and honest answers for the questions for you to have a valid estimation of your quote. This may not comprise the actual premium cost but at least you will have a rough estimate of your car insurance premium. This is also one way to determine which insurance company provides the best premium quote with best coverage offered.
Aiden is a writer that handles a site that provides cheap car insurance quotes online (http://www.1carinsurance.org). For more useful resources and information about car insurance, please visit car insurance articles (http://www.1carinsurance.org/articles/articles.htm).


02 December 2009

Assemble Your Own Kit Car

When you desire a sports vehicle, but don't like any of the current offerings, why not build your own? There is a vast range of sports self assembled cars, ranging from the basic Locost right up to The latest Italian exotica. This article will try to give you a taste of what you could be driving if you decide to produce it yourself.

So you have resolved to assemble your own sports car, but where do you start? I suggest that you examine a few models that you like the look of from a variety of manufacturers. Taking for example, a Cobra replica, there are a wide range of build options as well as cost and skill requirements. So you will need to decide how much you want to spend and look at your own capabilities before you make a final decision on a specific manufacturer.

Next, I suggest that you check out the manufacturers Owners Club. Many have websites or forums where you can post questions or check out possible concerns you may have. If the kit manufacturer offers poor support or poor quality components, the forums are where you are told!

Now you should have a shortlist of likely Sports car projects, a budget to work to and a fair idea of the mechanical skills required. You now should now be able to pick a kit. In order to make a choice, I suggest that you go to the kit car shows or manufacturers open days and talk to other kit car builders. Remember, they have significant experience in constructing your chosen model and can give you advice if you should get stuck with a particular problem.

Once you have handed over your money for a particular model, the work really begins. Even before the kit is picked up, you should track down the cleanest, most mechanically sound donor vehicle that you can. The better the donor, the better the finished sports car you will be driving. All relevant mechanical parts should be removed and cleaned as per the kit builders manual. If you are not fully happy with the condition of a part then it should be renewed. Don't gamble with your safety. It is advisable at this stage to get insurance cover for your kit project.

For most kit cars, assembling the vehicle is rather uncomplicated. Any manufacturer that has sold more than a few kits will have a detailed manual detailing every stage, in the right order. If you have problems then go back to the manufacturer, Owners Club or forums. You will be surprised at how helpful your fellow kit builders are. It is in the manufacturers own interests to make it easier for you as much as possible, and many have dedicated helplines for this purpose. After all, when you drive the car, you will become a traveling billboard for their product.

Now that you have assembled the vehicle you will need to ensure that any testing and required licensing is in order before taking to the road. Again, the manufacturer and Owners Club are the ideal people to give you a helping hand.

When you take your finished sports car on the road, you will feel a sense of accomplishment as you drive a hand crafted sports car that you constructed yourself.

Mark Heywood runs Premier Kit Cars, a website dedicated to helping enthusiasts select and build their own kit cars.

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